Southbelt Repair is dedicated to providing excellent customer service by offering comprehensive fabrication capabilities to best serve our customers. Our team is capable of fabricating parts, equipment, systems, or even full plant facilities or silos. Read on to find out how Southbelt Repair can make a difference in your business with our quality fabrication services.

Services That Southbelt Repair Offers

Southbelt Repair strives to offer a wide array of design, fabrication, manufacturing, and repair services to help you meet your goals for cost-efficiency, improved productivity, and safe, reliable performance.


To meet your electrical fabrication needs, the expert technicians at Southbelt Repair have a deep understanding of the components and wiring that go into your electrical system. We can not only handle the system installation and circuitry connections based on installation schematics, but our team members are qualified to test and repair system wiring to ensure that the fabrication is done right and system components such as lighting, switches, and electrical outlets function as expected. We are also capable of working with non-metallic cables. Most importantly, Southbelt Repair will ensure a safely operating electrical system.


For manufacturing mechanical systems, Southbelt Repair can assemble and install accelerator as well as vacuum systems in compliance with existing regulations. We also continue to support you throughout the systems’ lifespans with maintenance and repair services. With a focus on safety and environmental impact, our team is capable of working with hazardous materials, such as toxins or radioactive substances. We also aim to offer rapid turn times with our fabrication services.

Mixer ReLine

The goal of this service is to improve the performance of the manufacturing process and the mixer components. It involves the use of relining materials that give equipment advanced performance, long-term stability, and high levels of tear strength and tear propagation resistance.

Plant Design

Southbelt Repair has the vision you need to help design your ideal plant facility. Our team will work with you during the ideation stage to aid in generating a design plan and all applicable drawings to meet your unique needs. This process typically includes structural design professionals, architects, and other experts to create a building concept that is both feasible and functional. We also give thought to cost and material efficiency, as well as environmental impact, to best meet your budget, timeline, and expectations. Keep in mind that plant design is not just for new plants, but can be for upgrading existing facilities so that they will be more productive and efficient or eliminate safety concerns relating to old components.

Plant Erection

During the preparatory phase of plant erection, Southbelt Repair will handle the setup and compilation of the materials and equipment that the engineers have deemed necessary, and ready the plant site. Planning involves the building and alignment of compressed air, power, water, and lighting systems. During built-in part erection, our team would erect the main structures of the plant.

Plant Fabrication

With all planning and preparation complete, Southbelt Repair will proceed with plant fabrication, ensuring the plant has all the needed requirements for manufacturing a product. This process can also include any necessary testing and inspections to guarantee that all work is fully complete, the site is safe, and all components are up to code.

Plant Takedown

Plant takedowns are a common result of facility and system age, failing processes, and those situations where a shutdown is necessary for upgrades and repairs. Southbelt Repair understands that any downtime can affect your bottom line, as can outdated equipment, so we approach plant takedowns as efficiently as possible to minimize disruptions. Our team can help with all necessary work orders, worker and contractor mobilization, and more until the takedown is complete. We also offer removal services, as needed.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance is a proactive approach to caring for your equipment and facilities, monitoring and servicing them over time rather than waiting for systems to fail or defects and outages to derail production schedules. The ultimate goal of preventative maintenance is to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency. By engaging in scheduled preventative maintenance, Southbelt Repair helps you avoid safety hazards and keep your plant running for longer. You can also reduce expenditures as replacement systems are typically more expensive than maintaining the ones you have.


Not only can Southbelt Repair help you safeguard against equipment failure through preventative maintenance, but our qualified technicians and engineers can also help you with the actual repairs. We are committed to servicing equipment and machinery to return them to their original operating functionality and extend their life cycle.

Silo and Tank Fabrication

Southbelt Repair can help you with silo and tank fabrication, both of which are beneficial for bulk storage of liquids or solids. Using materials such as concrete or structural steel for the construction, we can build a versatile array of these storage solutions so that they are compliant with all applicable building codes and provide the ideal protection for your goods at the capacity that you need.

Structural Fabrication

Utilizing bent or cut materials like steel to manufacture or assemble your product or facility with the needed structural support, Southbelt Repair can help you with structural fabrication. Once we have your project specifications, we can create assemblies for use in tools, machinery, or buildings. We offer services such as welding to aid in this process.


Southbelt Repair can also provide innovative improvements for transportation equipment, which can cover car, truck and trailer, railway, or marine components and applications.

Southbelt Repair Difference

The Southbelt difference is offering a comprehensive list of quality fabrication and related services to assist our customers from custom design and engineered drawings through final manufacture or production, be it for a part, a piece of machinery, or a full plant. We also offer installation, repair, and retrofitting services to provide customers with ideal support from our Houston and Dallas offices.

When customers contact our representatives for our fabrication or repair services, we schedule a time for one of our professional field technicians to promptly complete an on-site assessment of the job. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals who draw from a wide knowledge base to ensure that your project is done right and on time. We also put safety first, for our workers, our customers, and our finished projects.

Southbelt Repair’s experienced welders, master fabricators, and qualified field technicians always have the right tools for the job, and have helped provide the following examples of our fabrication services to exacting specifications:

  • Stationary batch plants and decumulative plants
  • Storage silos and conveying systems
  • Barge clam shell hopper conveying systems
  • Cement slurry systems
  • Bin and scale replacements
  • Portable pugmills
  • Ice augers
  • Small screw feeders

If you’re looking for certain equipment but only have a temporary need for it, Southbelt Repair also offers personnel and equipment rental services for:

  • Cranes
  • 1050 vertical pigs
  • 4000 cu ft pigs
  • 1500 BBL vertical pigs

There’s no need to hire additional maintenance staff because Southbelt boasts a quick response time and an inventory of parts to handle repairs at an optimal rate. We offer 24-hour parts service availability, making our best attempt to have what you need in stock.

Fabrication Solutions at Southbelt Repair

At Southbelt Repair, we offer quality services and unique fabrication solutions for customers including Argos, Campbell, Century Asphalt, Mainland, and Martin Marietta. Contact us to see how we can help meet your particular fabrication needs today.